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Documentary Photography and Videography

My photographs, and who I am today is the culmination of my life experiences. I spent much of my youth in Pismo Beach, a central California surf town just south of San Luis Obispo. I was raised by a single mother, which left me with a lot of free time. I ended up occupying much of that time with computer gaming. Playing games on the computer ended up not only being a way to spend my free time but path that lead me to new friendships and passions. One of these passions ended up being Photoshop and graphic design. After graduating high school I found myself splitting time between my old hobbies and surfing. I wanted a way to combine my passion for Photoshop, graphic design and surfing. This leads me to buying my first professional camera to do surf photography. I did this exclusively for about a year and it eventually lead to taking more than just surf photos. I was soon finding myself being asked by family, friends and soon thereafter, strangers to take their photos. I looked at each of these as opportunities to learn and grow in the field of photography. At some point it no longer was a hobby but began consuming so much time and effort that I had to start charging a small fee. It was at this point that I realized that I owed these people a new level of art and professionalism. I also realized how much I loved taking photographs and I began pushing the limits of what I thought were possible within the art form. My work was well received by my new clients and I became set on doing this for a living.  I found wedding photography as a medium to pursue my art. Every wedding is unique and presents itself with its own set of challenges and is an occasion to create my art. The most important task is to make a couple’s special day last a lifetime and provide them with photographs that they would proudly display.  I am very proud to have the succeeded in providing this service and I look forward to providing this service to you. 

and together we are…


McAnally Moments

McAnally Moments is proud to serve the Manteca, Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, Bay Area, Central Coast and the rest of California! We offer various Photography and Videography packages for weddings, special events, headshots, photo booth and more!


McAnally Moments